Vanguard Garage Solutions - Frequently Asked Questions About Our Floor Coating Systems

Our Frequently Asked Questions are a collection of useful information that will help you, our customer, become more educated on the benefits and sustainability of your garage floor coating system.

Each year millions of dollars are spent on floor coating systems that fail due to inadequate surface preparation or improper installation. The most substantial cost of a coating is not the product itself, but the cost associated with the proper surface preparation and application of the coating system. Many "DIY" coatings last about 1-2 years before peeling and flaking occurs. A professionally applied floor coating system by Vanguard Garage Solutions will last several years when properly maintained.

The installation time varies depending on system selection. If you select a solid color system the process takes 1-2 days; a Decorative Flake or Quartz floor installation usually takes 2 to 3 days. All systems will accept light foot traffic in 24 hours and vehicle traffic in 3 days.
A professionally installed floor coating system from Vanguard Garage will last 15+ years
All open cracks and heavily spalled areas will be patched. Expansion joints will be honored (allow for expansion and contraction of concrete).
Our floor coatings are highly chemical resistant to road salt, gasoline, motor oil, and many other chemicals.
A floor coatings' performance depends on adequate surface preparation. Epoxy floor coatings ideally bond to concrete with a rough, sandpaper finish. This is best done using shot blasting, diamond grinding, or power sanding. Industry standards no longer endorse acid etching as a proper method for surface preparation. Chemical etching is wet, kills vegetation, brings disposability issues, and only lightly abrades the surface.
For the first 7 days after installation, if necessary to clean, use clear water only. After the first week, the highly durable surface is easily cleaned with neutral soaps or detergents. We recommend using a cleaner such as Simple Green in combination with a floor mop. If the floor becomes slippery due to oil, auto fluid spills, or soap film, promptly remove contaminant and rinse thoroughly. For heavily soiled areas scrubbing with a brush may be required.
Our epoxys consist of 100% solids which means there is virtually no odor. However, Our urethanes and polyurethanes do have an odor. People who are sensitive to odors are encouraged to avoid coated areas until coating has cured (4-8 Hours).
Our epoxy topcoats all have UV blockers that retard discoloration. For the ultimate in UV protection we recommend our Urethane or Polyurethane finishes, which are color stable and will not yellow over time.
One of the major concerns of any floor coating is slip resistance. Our floor coating systmes have multiple anti-slip media and surface textures that are available. We will consult you to select the right system for your application.
It is the responsibility of the homeowner to have all items removed from the surface prior to installation. Many of our contractors provide labor at an hourly rate to remove everything that is in a garage.
Warranties vary based on system selection, ask us for details.

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Owner, TJ Moore, has a decade of experience in the garage organization industry. As an authorized ORG Home Dealer, Vanguard Garage Solutions offers Michigan homeowners an endless variety of garage storage and floor coating solutions for garages of all sizes. TJ is personally involved in every installation and is driven to make each installation personal to the homeowner’s needs, budget, and lifestyle. We back all our work with a lifetime warranty on materials, and 1 year warranty on labor. For environmentally conscientious homeowners, Vanguard Garage Solutions offers green products by ORG EcoElements™.

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