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Garage Floor Coatings

Garage Floor Coatings of Michigan Garage Floor Coatings of Michigan

Decorative & Long-Lasting Garage Flooring Systems for Michigan Homeowners

Vanguard Garage Solutions specializes in custom garage flooring systems to seal, protect, and decorate your garage floor. Our garage epoxy coatings will eliminate cracks and eye sores, while providing a safe, hygienic, stain-resistant, slip-resistant, and long-lasting floor coating system that can endure the most extreme heavy-duty environments, all backed by a 1 year warranty. Contact Vanguard Garage Solutions today to schedule a free in-home consultation! (248) 221-1247



Garage Floor Coatings

How Our Floor Coatings Work...

Depending on your garage environment and personal preference, Vanguard Garage Solutions can install a wide variety of color flake / quartz granule styles, sealed with your choice of epoxy, polyurethane, or polyaspartic sealants (browse below for more information).  The garage floor coating specialists at Vanguard Garage Solutions will evaluate your needs to recommend a color and sealant combination that will suit your lifestyle. All our work is backed by a 1 year warranty and your satisfaction is guaranteed!




flake illustration

Vanguard Garage Solutions offers a colorful variety of decorative flake systems that adds life and personality to your garage floor. Our decorative flake coatings consist of acrylic paint chips that are combined into brilliant color combinations. The decorative flakes are applied on top of the floor basecoat and sealed underneath the transparent topcoat.




Decorative Flake Gallery

See examples of our decorative flake systems in action!








Decorative Flake Colors

Vanguard Garage Solutions offers a variety of beautiful flake color combinations that suit your stylish appeal




quartz illustration

Quartz coatings, a.k.a "Color Quartz" or "Aggregate", are floor particles comprised of uniformly-shaped quartz granules, combined into vibrant color combinations. Coated with superior topcoat resin, Quartz Granule products give your garage floor superior durability and UV resistance. Quartz granules can be applied with different textures and levels of slip resistance that suit your garage floor needs.



Quartz Granule Colors

Vanguard Garage Solutions offers a variety of beautiful quartz granule combinations that suit your stylish appeal





The sealant layer (or "topcoat sealant") is simply the top-coat compound we use to seal the flooring system. Using a range of garage epoxy, polyurethane, and polyaspartic systems, the floor coatings we use depends on the nature of the flooring system, and the needs of our customers.



Epoxy coatings are typically used in garage flooring applications where more cracks and imperfections exist. Used as a "top-coat" and "base-coat", the polymer can be applied as thick as needed. This coating polymer maintains good chemical and abrasion resistance, while containing no harmful solvents, making it a safe and durable floor coating choice.


Polyurethane coatings are typically suited for garage environments where there is less wear and tear, due to the fact it can only be applied in thin layers. You will see this coating used primarily in residential applications. Although Polyurethanes usually have higher solvent properties than other coatings, the excellent resistance to color-fading makes it a popular coating in residential environments.


Simply put, Polyaspartic is the highest quality coating you can have in a garage floor coating system. Some of its more popular properties is the ability to apply it at any thickness, and is 100% UV protective, which keeps your flooring system resistant to UV damage and color-fading. Polyaspartic coatings also have the highest abrasion-resistant properties.

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About Vanguard Garage

Owner, TJ Moore, has a decade of experience in the garage organization industry. As an authorized ORG Home Dealer, Vanguard Garage Solutions offers Michigan homeowners an endless variety of garage storage and floor coating solutions for garages of all sizes. TJ is personally involved in every installation and is driven to make each installation personal to the homeowner’s needs, budget, and lifestyle. We back all our work with a lifetime warranty on materials, and 1 year warranty on labor. For environmentally conscientious homeowners, Vanguard Garage Solutions offers green products by ORG EcoElements™.

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